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I agree that to keep the market for the play chips they are selling, they would need to allow transfers to continue like they were prior to the new rule. - Buy play money chips for PokerStars from the number one trusted source on the internet. All transactions completed securely and.The Guardian - Back to home. Family behind PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker to sell business for £2.9bn. money laundering and illegal gambling offences.

Good, people shouldnt make money selling playmoney, its beyond retarded.Players on PokerStars now have the option to purchase play money chips for real money.One other fact is that HSDB as much as I love this site are still lock affiliates.Social gaming, be it online poker or whatever, is worth big bucks.Poker players and especially Better poker players can Sell their PokerStars Play Chips for real cash. Some players want to Finance their Money games and.

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I think historically real money sites have facilitated play money play at no charge in the obvious hopes that some of the PM players deposit.


Title: Buy or Sell PokerStars Play Money Chips Description: The Best Place On The Internet to Buy/Sell Your PokerStars Play Money Chips. Refer Your Friends and Earn.Buying Cheapest Chips here,Price 50% Cheaper than Our rivals,Instant Delivery within 10-30 Mins, Check & Buy Now!.Sell Pokerstars & FulltiltPoker Play Chips For Real Money Today! All of our transactions are done through our Live Chat only. Please do not engage in conversation.

First off the person buying chips should allways pay first for those trying to sell lay chips.if not youll get scammed all day.and yes chip dump them its what we allways did on ftp but i do beleive they can punish you for it even in play chips.We offer a safe way to buy and sell pokerstars play chips. Have all those Pokerstars play money chips in your account and don't know what to do with them?.Classic Ring Games and Tournaments. PokerStars won't do a thing for. bugs Another take your money type game Glad i decided to play first.Selling Pokerstars Play. The insane hipocrisy behind pokerstars logic " play money. as for DOJ doubt they cant do anything about people selling play chips.Any1 know of decent sites to sell my PS Chips to for real funds? Pokerstars only allows 20,000,000 play chips in one acct; I dont wanna break the rule of.Here you can buy or sell your play money chips. Get real money from your PS play chips !!!. How hard is it to make 500k in pokerstars play money?.So unless they want this system to implode upon itself, they need to reopen transfer limits, or at least turn a blind eye to the 3rd party chip dumping transfers.I believe you are referring to the overall number of real money players on the site, I was referring to the overall number of real money cash players.

Now that this is no longer the case, they are maxed out on the majority of markets worth using tv marketing, and with there no major poker shows sponserable in the US right now then they have no reason to have a true free site.Sell pokerstars tournament dollars T$ instantly with our automated tournament dollar exchange. We offer excellent rates and the fastest trades for your pokerstars.Pokerstars Play Money Chips. 171 likes. Buy PokerStars Chips, Sell PokerStars Play Money, Free Play Money Chips, Poker Play Chips, Free Chips, Play.

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The other reason is the only one that really mattered, and as of right now it is dead so who cares.A detailed guide on how to play online poker for real money with recommendations of the best real money poker sites that accept. Full Tilt Poker and Pokerstars.some people play with the play money very serious and probably sell it to others cheaper than what pokerstars offers. Just a thought, if there is a way of making.Five U.S. players made the final table and the smart money would likely be wagered on the likelihood that Divus is not alone among his fellow countrymen at that final table in wishing that his online play had more at stake financially than play money chips.

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Canada PayPal Poker Sites. allowing Canadian customers to purchase real money play chips. And for those venturing to to play poker with.Practice playing craps with this free craps game by the Wizard of Odds or select an online casino to play for real. Play Craps for Real Money or Free.

Chips4Fun provides a safe and easy place to trade your PokerStars play money chips.There are sites who offer pokerstars play money chips in. Watch out that selling or buying play money chips for this website. Can you play pokerstars on.I think you make a really good point about the US market, but I think you fail to realize the resources they put into play money games.I will buy your play chips for real pokerstars money. Prices: 10k-50k= 0.5 cents each which means 25 cents for 50k 100k-1 mil= 1 cent/thousand which means $1 for 100k.I have over 30 millions of play money on PokerStars. And i never found a way to turn them in real money even if it was only $20.00 real money i would sell them.In the meantime, U.S. online poker players who are keeping their skills sharp while competing for play chips are apparently in abundance.

Hello. I found this great site that pays you for play chips from pokerstars:thumbsup: I have made about $80 so far with them and now i never.Free Poker Games Running Now Join today and enjoy free access to your favourite poker games and. Enjoy the ultimate online play money poker experience.

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PlayWCOOP ran in conjunction with the real-money WCOOP, the first time that PokerStars hosted such a play money extravaganza that included a full menu of tournaments similar to that found in the real-money poker lobby.Operators of just about every online poker and gambling site the world over are continuously on the lookout for ways to convert social gamblers into the real-money variety.Download for Free. Enjoy the ultimate online Play Money poker experience. Play on a range of platforms - enjoy the same great PokerStars experience on.

You could just chip dump. unless they are punishing for that in play money. haha.Description: This is where you can buy pokerstars chips, or sell pokerstars play money for Real Money Fast and safe. Buy play money chips. Sell play money chips.PokerStars has made it possible for players, including those in the United States, to purchase Play Money chips for real money.For those unfamiliar with amassing, say, 50 million in play chips to be able to compete in a tournament such as the PlayWCOOP Main Event, PokerStars readily provides 1,000 in free chips to anyone who registers.Willing to sell a Million playmoney. Also I believe this is forbidden on Pokerstars and since no one here. I doubt pkrfce9 ever played for play money in.Evidence of that is the recent play money World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) at PokerStars.Looking to BUY some Pokerstars play money chips, or sell yours.? Go to and all information is located there. Just speak with a Live.A recent running of the PlayWCOOP Main Event saw 208 players fork over a buy-in of 50 million play money chips that created a prize pool of 9,360,000,000.

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