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The information was stolen, by a person, not by a technology, or lack of understanding thereof.Saying that the government should change so that they are not afraid of Wikileaks is like saying the person getting bad reviews for their standup performance should change so the reviewer would have no reason to give them bad reviews.I have seen e-mail from other departments stating that it is illegal to access the site from any government owned computer.

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What is happening all around you is some combination of the two.Yes, from what I can figure, Paypal and other sites have shut him off or stop allowing money to go to him and his site.

If the Library of Congress was actually serious about blocking access to classified information, it would also need to block all of the torrents that contain the cables, the scores of media outlets reporting on this and highlighting the documents and the thousands of other places that are also offering up the documents.United States Secretary of State, at The Newseum in Washington, DC, on January 21, 2010.

Notice that for every over-reaction, more news are being generated.

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IS it a hero who stands up for the ruling elite, in order to maintain a state of corruption.

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But when senators are asking for the death of an individual because he published leaked documents, things become very scary.Local fundraising campaigns. Donations will support families and. Matt DeHart is a former US Air National Guard drone team member & alleged WikiLeaks.The American governing elite do not care if information wants to be free or not.

One of the more idiotic statements being made by politcal pundits in the US regarding Julian Assange is that he should be tried for treason and executed.If you register, you may post in any forum and use of CAPTCHA code is not required.The question about if the U.S. government (and others) are really behind his sex charges.Were they more intelligent, or less greedy, or less power-hungry, they would go gracefully.Re: Re: I have not read anything suggesting that the USG is initiating action against anyone other than whoever within government sent the information, and the principal at WikiLeaks.WikiLeaks Document Release February 2,. to calls for increased help — especially with the cost of distributing food donations.Somalia has an estimated population of around 14.3 million. Around 85% of its residents are ethnic Somalis, who have historically inhabited the northern part of the.Now, this challenge may be new, but our responsibility to help ensure the free exchange of ideas goes back to the birth of our republic.That stability is achieved through controlling populations, and you either do that with a gun, or you do that by boxing in the mind.

So there really was no compelling reason for the army and the government to lie and deny about this.WikiLeaks shows AJK as part of Pakistan, no LoC. DataCell, a company that collected donations for WikiLeaks,.

While not an ideal situation, the damage caused by these leaks is not irreparable.Or do you think Rosa Parks should have just obeyed the law and stayed in her part of the bus.WikiLeaks has set up new payment gateway in France to bypass a blockade by credit card companies that has dried up the bulk of its donations for a year and a half.They post a statement, stating that the law requires them to do this, so that is what they are going to do.Are Ghosts “Earthbound Spirits”?. Loc. Cit. Fred Rafferty, ed.,. consider a donation (no PayPal account required).It was to promote the sharing of information, knowledge and culture without regard to governments, laws, or borders.Both companies stopped processing donations to WikiLeaks on Tuesday.Perhaps the best that can come for it all is that the government will communicate with the best encryption to encrypted signature receivers, so no one person can get all of them.The email, released by WikiLeaks,. “We do not have a record of a submission” from the Clinton Foundation related to a 2012 donation from Qatar.

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And thus his legions of followers figure to launch an attack on financial institutions.Living in a state of constant war allows the gov much leeway and they become lazy and complacent when it comes to justification of rights reduction and removal.Their lack of understanding of technology is what lead to the leaks in the first place.Their actions are based on the fact a they believe that a stable democracy requires rigorous indoctrination.When is the International Organization for Migration going to launch an app for Europeans, on how to protect themselves from rapacious and violent Muslim migrants?.

WikiLeaks disclosures endanger Americans: CIA on spying report. WikiLeaks, headed by whistleblower Julian Assange, on Tuesday posted a series of seven batches of.They do have an obligation to follow the law, though no one seems to mention which law they are following.

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Correct me if I am wrong, but this is not some political exchange of the French President was in a hot tub with the Iranian President.If you think either of them function with honesty, beyond that which is enough to make dupes think they are somehow acting in an honorable way, then congratulations, you have graduated to the head of their dupe class.Good historians sift through mounds of documents, identifying the critical ones and providing context for the rest. So the latest Wikileaks document dump might.WikileaksResearchProject - Code and articles associated with my Wikileaks research project, but could applicable to reading up on any item in the news and visualizing.You can smell the stink of their fear every time the MPAA publishes something, every time Joe Lieberman speaks about Wikileaks.New York Police Union Sues NYPD To Block Public Release Of Body Camera Footage (19) 12:00.